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Training in: Low temperature and room temperature scanning tunneling microscopy, scanning tunneling induced luminescence.

Modern epitaxy methods that allow for the atomic precise creation of semiconductor structures need a characterization technique that can resolve important aspects such composition, interfaces and defects at the atomic scale. In order to fully understand nanostructured materials, there is also a demand for the characterization of the opto-electronic properties at the atomic scale.

The research of this ESR will focus on III-Sb nanostructures and devices created and studied elsewhere in the consortium. The structural properties like size, shape and composition and the electronic properties of nanostructures based on III-Sb materials will be determined and analyzed down the properties of individual Sb atoms and other relevant individual defects appearing in these materials.

Cross-sectional Scanning Tunneling Microscopy has shown to be an excellent tool that can image nanostructured material at the atomic scale and to probe the opto-electronic properties at the same length scale. Low temperature (4K and 77K) and room temperature scanning tunneling microscopy in conjunction with scanning tunneling induced luminescence will be used to obtain relevant information in novel III-Sb materials and devices.


Institution: The Eindhoven University of Technology is a university with about 13000 Master and Bachelor students and 1600 PhDs. It is international recognized as one of the world leading universities in the field of scientific cooperation with industry.
Institute/Laboratory: The group Photonics and Semiconductor Nanoscience is focussed in its research the growth and characterization III/V semiconductor nanostructured materials and devices and their nanophotonic properties. We have access to a state-of-the-art cleanroom and excellent lab facilities. The group is part of department of Applied Physics.
Location/City: The Eindhoven University is located near heart of the city that forms the core of the Brainport area comprising many international leading and innovative hightech industries. About 50 % of the national private investment in research is spend in the Brainport region. Eindhoven is about 1.5 hours away from cities like Amsterdam, Brussel and Dusseldorf.


We seek an excellent, enthusiastic and team-spirited PhD candidate with a Physics, Chemistry or Material Science MSc degree who is fluent in English speaking and writing. Previous experience in a research environment involving solid state physics will be positively considered. The successful candidate should have good knowledge and interest in both experimental and theoretical work with an emphasis on experimental work.

How to Apply

Candidates can apply to a maximum of four different ESR positions in the network using the links below. Applications must include the following documents:
  1. An internal application form listing your academic and job records (.docx template available here).
  2. A free format CV (pdf format max 2 Mb)
  3. Official documentation such as degree and grades certificates will be required at a later stage.
The deadline for application is 31st January 2021.
Attempts to apply to more than four positions using different registration profiles will invalidate your candidature.