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The Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) is Spain’s largest public research institution, and ranks third among Europe’s largest research organizations. CSIC has 10.940 employees, including  3.764 researchers working in 123 Institutes spread across the country and covering different areas of Science and Technology. CSIC produces 20% of the national scientific output and remains the leading patent filer among research bodies in Spain with more than 450 patent requests published since 2014. As to the number of projects, CSIC is listed the 1st organization in Spain and the 4th in Europe with 587 ongoing research projects and actions from European programmes including 49 ERC projects.

Within CSIC, two nearby Institutes at the Autónoma University Campus of Excellence (Madrid) will join their efforts to steer QUANTIMONY management (WP1) and dissemination activities (WP7). The Institute of Micro and Nanotechnology (IMN-CNM, CSIC), which targets the advancement of fundamental research and applications in nanoscience and nanotechnology, and the Materials Science Institute of Madrid (ICMM, CSIC), dedicated to the development and characterization of advanced materials for information technologies, photonics, computing and sensors by cutting-edge analytical techniques.

Contact persons:

Benito Alén (ESR1 main supervisor at IMN, Network Coordinator)

Gema Martínez-Criado (ESR2 main supervisor at ICMM).