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  • Dr. Benito Alén profile photo

    Dr. Benito Alén

    ESR 1 & ESR 2 Main Supervisor

    Senior scientist at IMN-CSIC. Expert in semiconductor quantum materials & device technologies. He is head of the Quantum Nano-optoelectronics Laboratory and member of the MBE: Quantum semiconductors Group.

  • Dr. José M. LLorens profile photo

    Dr. José M. LLorens

    ESR 1 & ESR 2 Local Co-supervisor

    Senior tenure-track fellow, expert in semiconductor theory and nano-photonic devices modelling.

  • Giulio Barbieri, MSc. profile photo

    Giulio Barbieri, MSc.

    ESR 1: Spin-photon interfaces based on tunable III-Sb nanostructures
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    M.Sc. in Applied Physics by Delft University of Technology.

  • Simone Privitera, MSc. profile photo

    Simone Privitera, MSc.

    ESR 2: Spin filters based on tunable III-Sb heterostructures
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    Master in Physics by Tor Vergata University, Rome.

  • Dr. José María Ulloa profile photo

    Dr. José María Ulloa

    ESR 3 Main Supervisor

    Senior researcher at ISOM with expertise in the MBE growth and characterization of novel nanostructures, as well as in optoelectronic devices fabrication & characterization.

  • Dr. Álvaro de Guzmán profile photo

    Dr. Álvaro de Guzmán

    Local Co-supervisor

    Full Professor at UPM and senior researcher at ISOM with 25-year-experience in the MBE growth of semiconductor materials. He will be involved in the training of the ESR on MBE growth.

  • Dr. Adrián Hierro profile photo

    Dr. Adrián Hierro

    Local Co-supervisor

    Full Professor at UPM and senior researcher at ISOM. He is a renowned expert in the optical characterization of materials and will contribute on the training of the ESR on that field.

  • Malte Schwarz, MSc profile photo

    Malte Schwarz, MSc

    ESR 3: Novel III- Sb quantum materials for photovoltaics
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    MSc in Photonics and Semiconductors by the INP, Grenoble.

  • Prof. Manus Hayne profile photo

    Prof. Manus Hayne

    ESR 4 & ESR 5 Main Supervisor

    Deputy Head of Department, Director of Research, Departmental Industry Coordinator with over 30 years of compound semiconductor research experience. He is (co)inventor on patents in US, Europe, and Asia and co- founder of Lancaster Materials Analysis Ltd.

  • Dr. Andrew R. J. Marshall profile photo

    Dr. Andrew R. J. Marshall

    Local assistant supervisor to ESR4

    Senior Lecturer, Director of Teaching and deputy director of the Quantum Technology Centre. He is expert in III-Sb IR single element and detectors for a range of applications, working closely with the industry (SMEs and large corporations).

  • Prof. Robert Young profile photo

    Prof. Robert Young

    Local assistant supervisor to ESR5

    Professor at Lancaster University, Royal Society Research Fellow, Director of the Lancaster Quantum Technology Centre and CTO at Quantum Base. Research focus on Quantum Information Processing.

  • Xiuxin Xia, M Eng profile photo

    Xiuxin Xia, M Eng

    ESR 4: III- Sb charge-storage devices for non-volatile random access memories
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    Master of Engineering in Materials Science and Engineering.

  • Gizem Acar, MSc. profile photo

    Gizem Acar, MSc.

    ESR 5: Telecoms-wavelength GaSb quantum ring single-photon LEDs
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    Visiting researcher at Durham University and MSc MSc in Electronics Engineering by Sabancı University, Turkey.

  • Dr. Richard Beanland profile photo

    Dr. Richard Beanland

    ESR 6 Main Supervisor

    Reader in Physics and Director of the Electron Microscopy Research Technology Platform at Warwick U. He has over 35 years’ experience in semiconductor materials and electron microscopy.

  • Dr. Yisong Han profile photo

    Dr. Yisong Han

    Local Co-supervisor

    Microscopy scientific officer at the Electron Microscopy Research Technology Platform with over 15 years’ experience in transmission electron microscopy and scanning.

  • Francisco Alvarado Cesar, MSc. profile photo

    Francisco Alvarado Cesar, MSc.

    ESR 6: Advanced electron microscopy of III-V antimonides
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    MSc. In Chemistry by the Harbin Institute of Technology (China) and research assistant at the Laboratory of EcoNanoEnergy (LENE).

  • Prof. Paul Koenraad profile photo

    Prof. Paul Koenraad

    ESR 7 Main Supervisor

    Professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology and Dean Graduate School at the Eindhoven University of Technology He has lead many national and international programs, organized and participated in major international conferences.

  • Prof. Michael Flatté profile photo

    Prof. Michael Flatté

    ESR 8 Main Supervisor

    Professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology, expertise in the fundamental properties and device implications of nanoscale matter, with emphasis on quantum coherent phenomena. He is founder of QuantCAD LLC.

  • Aurelia Trevisan, MSc. profile photo

    Aurelia Trevisan, MSc.

    ESR 7: Atomic Scale characterization of III-Sb quantum materials
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    Master’s Degree in Chemistry from the University of Padova (Italy).

  • Julian Zanon, MSc. profile photo

    Julian Zanon, MSc.

    ESR 8: Magnetic properties of novel III-Sb nanostructures
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    MSc from the Institute of Physics of São Carlos.

  • Dr. Andrei Schliwa profile photo

    Dr. Andrei Schliwa

    ESR 9 Main Supervisor

    Full researcher at TUB and leader of activities in the field of electronic structure modeling and simulation of nano-structures.

  • Dr. Markus R. Wagner profile photo

    Dr. Markus R. Wagner

    Local Co-supervisor

    Senior Post-Doc with expertise on the optical, electronic and structural properties of metaloxide and III-nitride/antimonide (nano-) materials and linear/ nonlinear optical spectroscopy.

  • Lucie Leguay, MSc. profile photo

    Lucie Leguay, MSc.

    ESR 9: Evolutionary inverse design numerical approaches for improved III-Sb devices
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    MSc in Fundamental Physics by the Claude Bernard University (Lyon).

  • Prof. Dr. Sven Höfling profile photo

    Prof. Dr. Sven Höfling

    ESR 10 Main Supervisor

    Head of the chair of Technical Physics at the Gottfried Landwehr Laboratory for Nanotechnologies. Expert in the growth and fabrication of semiconductor materials and devices such as interband cascade lasers and detectors.

  • Dr. Fabian Hartmann profile photo

    Dr. Fabian Hartmann

    Local Co-supervisor

    Group Leader & Post Doctoral researcher at the Technical Physics Dpt.

  • Borislav Petrovic, M Eng. profile photo

    Borislav Petrovic, M Eng.

    ESR 10: Development of Antimony based interband cascade nanostructures and superlattices
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    Master degree from the School of Electrical Engineering at the University of Belgrade, specialisation in Nanoelectronics and photonics.

  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Auf der Maur profile photo

    Prof. Dr. Matthias Auf der Maur

    ESR 11 Main Supervisor

    Associate professor, expert in simulation of optoelectronic devices, in particular III-nitride LEDs and the effects of random alloy fluctuations, co-founder of Tiberlab and co-developer the TiberCAD multiscale simulator.

  • Dr. Alessia Di Vito profile photo

    Dr. Alessia Di Vito

    Local Co-supervisor

    Expert in Simulation of LEDs, tight binding, DFT and parameterisation of ETB.

  • Prof. Dr. Aldo Di Carlo profile photo

    Prof. Dr. Aldo Di Carlo

    Local Co-supervisor

    Full professor at UNITOV. His research interests are theory and simulation of organic and inorganic devices, photovoltaics, and technology transfer.

  • Anh-Luan Phan, MSc. profile photo

    Anh-Luan Phan, MSc.

    ESR 11: Multiscale simulation of novel III-Sb quantum materials and devices
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    Master in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics by the Ho Chi Minh University of Science.

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Heuken profile photo

    Prof. Dr. Michael Heuken

    ESR 12 Main Supervisor

    Vice President of Corporate Research & Development at AIXTRON & Professor at RWTH Aachen, His main fields of experience are semiconductor growth, Nanotechnology, electronic and optoelectronics. Author of more than 550 publications, he has been granted several patents.

  • Dr. Martin Dauelsberg profile photo

    Dr. Martin Dauelsberg

    Local Co-supervisor

  • Hajrudin Husejni, MSc. profile photo

    Hajrudin Husejni, MSc.

    ESR 12: Industrial aspects and upscaling of III-Sb MOCVD technology
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    Master of Science in Physics by the University of Prishtina.

  • Dr. Iwan Davies profile photo

    Dr. Iwan Davies

    ESR 13 Main Supervisor

    IQE plc Group Technology Director with 35 years-experience in epitaxial growth by MOVPE of arsenide and phosphide III-V semiconductors and selenide II-VI semiconductors, he has managed the growth and characterization of epi-wafers, plant operations and product engineering at IQE.

  • Manoj Kesaria profile photo

    Manoj Kesaria

    Local Co-supervisor

  • Chen Liu, MSc. profile photo

    Chen Liu, MSc.

    ESR 13: Wafer engineered long wave infrared photodiodes
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    Master in Material Science (Electric Materials and Nanotechnology) by the RWTH Aachen University.

  • Dr. Stefan Birner profile photo

    Dr. Stefan Birner

    ESR 15 Main Supervisor

    Founder & Managing Director of nextnano GmbH, he is an expert in simulation of quantum mechanical properties of semiconductors (k.p theory) and the developer of the nextnano software.

  • Dr. Alex Trellakis profile photo

    Dr. Alex Trellakis

    Local Co-supervisor

    R&D Scientist, Expert in computational physics and numerical methods, Developer of the nextnano software.

  • Takuma Sato, MSc. profile photo

    Takuma Sato, MSc.

    ESR 14: Multiband quantum transport in III-Sb based devices
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    Master’s degree in condensed-matter physics at Tohoku University.