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IQE plc

Founded by the present management in 1988, IQE plc was created to provide a foundry service for advanced compound semiconductor wafers. Headquartered in Cardiff, UK, IQE plc is now the parent body of ten subsidiary units, seven of which provide pure-play foundry III-V epitaxial services to a worldwide client base of many hundreds of academic, research and commercial Organizations. The group has an annual turnover of ~€170M and employs roughly 700 people worldwide. IQE plc specializes in the growth of III-V epitaxial layer structures using both the MOVPE and MBE techniques and also bulk crystal growth, particularly in GaSb/InSb, with a strong focus on manufacturing epitaxial wafers for photonic and microelectronic devices, using a wide variety of compound semiconductors (GaAs, InP and GaN). The company has multiple Aixtron, Veeco and Riber epitaxial growth systems and comprehensive characterization equipment for fast and reliable evaluation of the grown wafers, for flexible and customer-specific epitaxial solutions.

Contact persons:

Iwan Davies (ESR 13 main supervisor)