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The Opto & Nanoelectronics group of the Department of Electronic Engineering, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, has been active in the context of several EU projects. The group counts 6 staff members, 7 PostDoc and 14 PhD students and has large in-house and on-demand computational resources. The group has a long standing tradition in research activities on the microscopic theory of electronic and optical properties of nanostructures, both organic and inorganic. The tools developed to perform these studies range from ab-initio / semi- empirical atomistic models of electronic and optical properties to Monte Carlo and semi-classical codes for charge transport in bulk, nanostrucures and devices. During the last years large effort has been given to the development of a multiscale/multiphysics simulator TiberCAD, able to describe the electronic and optical properties of nanostructured devices from the macroscopic level down to atomistic details, in collaboration with TiberLab Srl. In recent projects, research focus has been directed towards optical properties and electro-optical coupling in LEDs and solar cells, and to the study of the influence of random alloy effects.

Contact persons:

Dr. Matthias Auf der Maur (ESR11 main supervisor)