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7-9 December 2021

Würzburg University

1st Annual III-Sb Workshop: Fabrication

The 1st Annual III Sb Workshop & ESR Checkpoint took place December 7th to 9th 2021 at Jülius-Maximilian University in Würzburg.

This was the first of a series of four annual training events for our doctorate students, each providing hands-on training in different aspects of the QUANTIMONY research programme. Their objective is to broaden general knowledge on III-Sb science and technology among our doctorate students, facilitating their understanding of the state-of-the-art and of technical challenges, and to encourage multidisciplinary collaboration within the network.

This first training event was an introduction to the field, and included lectures about past and present III -Sb technologies and the challenges posed by their fabrication, as well as and presentations by the 14 doctoral students of the network on their research topics.

The event attendants went to practical demonstrations and lab visits at the nanofabrication facilities available at Würzburg University and nearby consortium members nextnano GmbH and nanoplus GmbH.

Below are several images showcasing the different activities of the event; lab visits, workshops from industry beneficiary nextnano and project presentations from the ESRs: