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Malte Schwarz, MSc profile photo

Malte Schwarz, MSc

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Novel III- Sb quantum materials for photovoltaics

This is the page of Malte Schwarz. To go to my blog, please scroll down. I try to upload new blog posts on a regular basis. Feel free to contact me: malte.schwarz@upm.es

The following links should be useful to follow my research activity:

Structure of my blog

  • Coming Soon!

  • 18th of July 2023 Training, workshop, conference, and unintentional doping!
    • Quantimony events
    • SL – transport, carrier extraction, and material imperfections
    • Conclusions

  • 4th of April 2023 I am back from hibernation!
    • Quantimony events
    • SL a reminder and illustrating simulations
    • Secondment at Fluxim AG in Winterthur, Switzerland
    • Current-Voltage Measurements at Low Temperature

  • 11th of October 2022: Raiders of the 1.0-1.15 eV bandgap lattice matched material
    • Semiconductor Materials
    • Material Engineering
    • Super Lattices
    • Conclusion

  • 22nd of June 2022: Solar Cells, Semiconductors and MBE
    • The Green Energy of the Sun!
    • Using Solar Power
    • The Sun’s Spectrum and Photovoltaics
    • Growing crystals by MBE
    • Conclusion and Outlook

  • 1st of April 2022: Hello World! And why the world is not enough
    • Doing a Bac+8
    • Me Face: Past-Present-Future
    • The MS-CA is not a cruise ship
    • Where are we heading?